Penis Enlargement


While most men do not need to increase the size of their penis, some men simply cannot get over the desire for a larger penis. Luckily for men, there are several viable penis enlargement solutions, which include the following:

Surgical procedures: There are a variety of surgical procedures that can increase the girth or length of the penis. However, beware because there are several potential risks when going under the knife.

Some procedures are incredibly effective but come with many health risks or potential complications. For example, the most common procedure to increase length is to cut a ligament that attaches the penis to the pelvic bone. This allows more of the shaft, generally around one or two more inches to be visible. This also requires a man to use weights and stretching devices to prevent the ligament from reattaching.

Another controversial procedure is to inject flat, silicone, or tissue grafts into the penis. This is intended to increase the girth of the penis and has been the subject of much scrutiny, due to the frequency of complications.

Undergoing a surgical procedure for penis enlargement is generally effective although there are both health risks and monetary issues associated with it. Surgery can sometimes cost many thousands of dollars and because it is not a needed procedure, many insurance companies only cover a very small portion of the cost, if any at all.

Supplements: Penis enlargement pills and creams have been around for years, although most of the time they are untested and unproven. The side effects of these products are widely unknown and most supplements lack any credible scientific evidence.  Therefore, men are better off if they opt for proven treatment options like an extender or surgery, if they can afford it.

Extenders: Due to the risks of surgery, many men opt for a popular alternative option: a penis extender. An extender stretches the tissues in the penis, which eventually causes cells to divide. This allows for slow cell growth, which increases the length of the penis. Extenders also enable greater blood flow to the penis, which further enhances growth and can help with men suffering from erectile dysfunction as well.

Extenders are a much more affordable option having delivered results for several years. New designs have increased the frequency of results and have reduced the time needed for results. Therefore, many men are opting for an extender instead of pills, pumps, or surgery.