Penis Enlargement


While a large percentage of men are worried about the length of their penis, the truth is most men have absolutely no reason to worry. According to several studies, most women are concerned with overall performance and the intimacy of sex, not the length of a man’s penis.

Various studies have been conducted around the world to test the average penis size. Most of the time, the average length is around 5.5 inches. However, since genetics, hormonal and environmental factors all affect penis size, some areas in the world have a slightly higher average penis size.

Several studies have also shown that having a large penis can actually negatively impact the quality of sex. This is because the vaginal cavity is only about four inches deep. Therefore, men with incredibly large penises can actually cause vaginal bleeding and/or pain, which can lead to poor, unsatisfying sex.

In general, men should not worry about the size of their penis. If for some reason, a man simply cannot come to terms with the length of his penis, there are treatment options available. While unneeded, various treatment options can increase the girth and length of the penis to alleviate any self-image issues a man might feel about his penis.