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Jes Extender

Treatment Benefits

  • Increase Length
  • Increase Girth
  • Peyronie's Disease

System Features

  • Support Sizing Options: N/A
  • Tension: 1500g
  • Attachment Heads: 1
  • Instruction DVD
  • Storage Case: Aluminium


User rating88%

  • Satisfaction Rate
  • Immediate Results
  • Long Term Results
  • Customer Service
  • Returns & Refunds
  • 87%
  • 86%
  • 91%
  • 88%
  • 89%

Jes Extender Overview

The Jes Extender is one of the best-selling and longest selling enlargement devices on the market. It has been on the market since 1995. The Jes Extender has by far the largest amount of satisfied customers and has continually been a top seller since it first hit the market.

The Jes Extender comes in several different packages ranging from $239 all the way up to $1,399. The titanium Jes Extender is the most popular extender and costs $299 and comes in a modern aluminum flight case. The platinum Jes Extender is priced at $1,399 and is the arguably most expensive penis enlargement device on the market.

Benefits of Jes Extender

The Jes Extender focuses on girth and length, which is why there are very few other benefits. However, here are the benefits of the Jes Extender:

  • Increased length
  • Increased girth
  • Treats Peyronie’s Disease

Consumer Ratings

Despite its’ popularity, the Jes Extender has average consumer ratings. The Jes Extender has an overall satisfaction rate of 87% and consumers 86% of customers report seeing immediate results. The numbers get slightly better with 91% of users seeing long-term results.

Trust and Safety

The Jes Extender is classified as a “Medical Type 1” medical device. The Jes Extender was created by doctors and has several doctor endorsements as well as several clinical studies. The Jes Extender also has a CE certification. There is no Better Business Bureau rating for the Jes Extender.

Refunds and Guarantee

The Jes Extender has an unlimited guarantee policy and a product warranty of one year. Customers who are unhappy with the Jes Extender can request a refund by speaking to a customer service representative by phone or through email.

Customers generally find the refund and return policy to be very easy and painless. Consumers rate the customer service of Jes Extender at 88% and the refund and return policy of 89%, which is about average compared to leading competitors.

Overall Thoughts

As the oldest penis enlargement device, the Jes Extender is a device worth considering. While the device does not contain the accessories or instructions that other products may contain, its’ been proven to work for almost 20 years. The Jes Extender should be considered by all men based upon that alone. However, there are some other more affordable options that contain some useful accessories as well.