Penis Enlargement


Most men are incredibly self-conscience about the size of their penis even though statistics have shown that is unnecessary for men to do so. While men still continue to struggle and feel inadequate about the length of their penis, men need to learn that their penis size is almost completely out of their control.

There are two main factors that influence penis size, which are the following:

Genetics: Genetics play the primary role in determining the length of a man’s penis. Studies have shown that a man generally has very similar penis size to men in his bloodline. However, this is not always the case and other factors can cause a very large increase or decrease in size for future bloodlines.

Testosterone levels during puberty: A male child’s penis generally sees very little growth until puberty, which is when most growth occurs. Testosterone affects just about every aspect of growth in the body including the penis. Therefore, low testosterone production can negatively impact the growth of the penis during puberty.

Other Factors Influencing Size

Other studies have found that environmental factors can also influence the size of a man’s penis. For example, one study found that child living in areas considered safe surrounding Chernobyl had several health problems, including genital deformation. Likewise, exposure to other toxins in the air or water supply also negatively impact hormone levels and can lead to genital deformation.

Another common belief among leading researchers is that both diet and exercise habits during puberty affect penis size. While the exact mechanism is unknown, some researchers believe an unhealthy diet and poor exercise habits can affect hormone levels like testosterone, which influence growth and development.

Finally, physical injuries to the groin area can affect penis size, especially before and during puberty. While sometimes a groin injury may not cause permanent damage, treatment might still be needed to enable continued growth of the penis. However, in some cases, damage might be permanent and growth is unable to continue.