Male Hair Loss

Symptoms of Hair Loss in Men

Men are going to lose hair at some point in their life. It’s almost unavoidable. By age 60, over 75% of men have already undergone the process of hair loss. There is really only one symptom of hair loss, which is obviously hair loss. However, there are a few different ways hair loss can manifest itself. Here are the most common ways hair loss begins:

Hair begins to thin at forehead: This is the most common type of hair loss. It’s also known as a receding hairline.

Hair gradually thins on top of the head: This type of hair loss is common and affects both men and women.

Patchy Spots: Some people start to experience bald spot patches. Usually this occurs in the scalp, but sometimes it can affect beards and eyebrows as well.

Full-body hair loss:Some medical conditions and treatments cause hair all over the body to fall out. Generally speaking this can be treated successfully.

The good news is hair loss can be treated through various methods. Speak to your doctor or a medical professional to determine how you want to treat your hair loss. He or she can advise you on which treatment option is best for you.