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Erectile Dysfunction, most often referred to as ED, is a sexual condition in which a man is unable to achieve and sustain an erection for sexual intercourse. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), 5% of 40 year old men are afflicted with ED and about 20% of 65-year old men experience ED.

While men may have difficulty reaching an erection at various points in their life, this does not imply he has ED. Instead a man is only considered to have ED when he is unable to achieve an erection for a long period of time. Generally speaking failure to achieve an erection 50% of the time is or more when a man is considered to have ED.


There are a variety of causes for ED. Many lifestyle factors are causes of ED. First example, smoking and excessive alcohol use restricts blood flow to the penis and causes the body to produce less testosterone. A sedentary lifestyle or being overweight drastically increases the risk for ED. High cholesterol can damage the arteries, which restricts blood flow to the penis.

Health conditions can also cause ED. Certain medications and surgical procedures can affect blood flow and restrict blood flow to the penis. Hormonal problems that fuel a man’s sex drive can become imbalanced and reduce or remove sex drive completely. Prostate enlargement is also a known cause of ED as well.


The only real symptom of erectile dysfunction is being unable to have or maintain an erection during sexual activity. However, ED can manifest itself in many different ways. First, ED may appear occasionally and is not a serious cause for concern. As mentioned before, many men experience ED as some point in their lives. Secondly, ED may develop gradually, which probably means there is a physical cause. Finally, if ED develops abruptly, there is likely a psychological component to ED. 


There are a few main treatments to Erectile Dysfunction, depending on the health and the seriousness of the ED.  If there is a physical condition affecting ED, a man can opt for a surgical procedure to correct the problem. In some cases, surgery can be done to improve blood flow to the penis, which is required for an erection.

Second, certain drugs can be prescribed to facilitate an erection. There are numerous drugs available and a simple conversation with your doctor should help you find a drug that is right for you.

Third, lifestyle chances may be need to treat ED. Alcohol use and smoking might be prohibited. A regulated diet might be given to help a man afflicted with ED lose weight. Cholesterol medications might be administered to improve the health of the arteries and lower cholesterol.

Finally, there are a variety of natural supplements that can reduce the effects of ED or even eliminate the effects all together. All natural supplements help increase testosterone and blood flow to the penis. By increasing blood flow, there is a greater chance of an erection that is harder and lasts longer. Natural supplements are cheaper and generally provide results just as effectively as other supplements, which is why natural ED supplements are growing in popularity ever year.

At some point in a man’s life, he will struggle to have or keep an erection for sexual activity. This can be caused by a variety of factors and in some cases does not even require any treatment. To determine whether or not an ED treatment is needed, look at the below qualifications and symptoms of ED.

The only real symptom of ED is being unable to have or keep an erection for sexual activity. However, ED can manifest itself in a few ways. ED can:

Appear only occasionally: In this case, ED is not really serious. Most men will experience this type of ED at some point in their lives.

Develop gradually and become more persistent: This is most likely the result of a physical problem and can develop into chronic impotence if not treated.

Develop abruptly: This is most likely the result of a psychological disorder, sometimes with an underlying physical issue. Most men still can have early-morning erections, and can have an erection during masturbation.

When to Call the Doctor

In some cases, no treatment options are needed to get rid of ED. Sometimes, ED will just go away on its’ own. However, consult a medical professional if:

Relationship Challenges: Erectile dysfunction is ruining a relationship or if it is linked with depression/anxiety. A doctor may be able to provide a short dose of medication to help get you through the rough patch. At the worst, he or she can help you and your partner understand its’ ED and clear up any misinformation.

Extended Periods of ED: Erectile dysfunction persists over a long period of time. Erectile dysfunction is not only a medical problem – it is a symptom of other medical problems. Therefore if you ignore the issue, you could be missing an underlying medical issue that could be very serious. Examples of common medical issues include a coronary artery disease and chronic inflammation in the arteries.

Painful Erection: You experience pain in the penis when having an erection. This is a condition called Peyronie’s disease and it should be treated as soon as possible. Otherwise, permanent damage can occur to the penis.

The good news is that ED can be treated and corrected using a variety of treatments. Medical experts stress that men should not feel ashamed of ED – most men will experience it at some point. Men suffering from ED should consult their doctors or look for natural treatment options to enjoy a normal, happy sex life.

Believe it or not, a lot of physical processes need to work correctly for a man to achieve and hold an erection. Nerves must fire in the brain down the genital area, muscles need to relax, and blow needs to flow into the penis. Unfortunately, for many men, this process does not work correctly and subsequently erectile dysfunction occurs.

There are many different causes of erectile dysfunction, most of which are physical. Here are the most common physical causes of erectile dysfunction:

Diabetes: Diabetes can damage certain nerves and blood vessels that are required for an erection. If diabetes is not controlled well, a man is twice as likely to develop erection dysfunction.

Kidney Disease: Kidney disease affects numerous parts of the body required to get an erection. Poor kidney health stops blood flow to the penis, damages the nervous system, and causes your hormones to become imbalanced. Poor kidney health also causes low energy levels and lowers sex drive

Neurological Problems: The nervous system is arguably the most important part to getting an erection. Without signals from the brain to the penis, an erection cannot occur. Health problems like multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s Disease all can cause sexual dysfunction, including ED.

Blood Vessel Diseases: Certain vascular diseases can obstruct blood flow to the penis, resulting in ED. Altherosclerosis, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol are three of the most common vascular problems that can cause ED.

Prostate Cancer: Prostate cancer doesn’t cause ED itself, but many of the treatments can lead to temporary or even permanent ED. This is why proper treatment of prostate cancer is needed to avoid ED.

Prescription Drugs: There are over 200 prescription drugs that are known to cause ED. Depending on the medical problem, there might be no other prescription available to stop the symptoms of ED.

Injury: An injury to the pelvis, bladder, spinal cord, or penis can cause temporary ED. Most of the time, the damage is not permanent.

Surgery: Surgery to prostate and bladder cancer can temporarily damage nerves and other tissues needed for an erection. Most of the time the tissues heal between 6 and 18 months. However, in some cases the damage is permanent. In these cases, special treatment options are needed to stop the symptoms of ED.

Hormonal Problems: Depression, hormone therapy, and problems in the pituitary gland can cause hormonal levels to become imbalanced. Specifically, testosterone fuels a man’s sex drive and if this hormone is out of whack, he may not be able to achieve an erection.

These are the most common problems but there are other problems including: alcohol and tobacco use, obesity, emotional problems, venous leak, and an enlarged prostate.

Almost every man will develop ED at some point, which is why it is one of the most researched problems. Through modern research and medicine, a variety of new treatment options are available to men suffering from ED. Here are the most common treatments of ED:

Lifestyle changes: In some cases, simple lifestyle changes can improve erectile dysfunction. Lifestyle changes like losing weight, consuming a healthy diet, quitting smoking, and drinking less alcohol are the most common changes that can positively affect erectile dysfunction.

Psychotherapy: For men suffering from erectile dysfunction as a result of emotional issues, psychotherapy (counseling) is the best course of action. After a tough divorce or difficult death of a spouse or partner, a man might develop ED due to depression or lack of sexual desire. Counseling can help address these issues and hopefully correct them.

Drugs: There are a variety of medications available for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. While these medications do work, there are often numerous side effects that can negatively affect your health in many other ways. In many cases, the risks of other health problems outweigh the benefits of the medication.

Switching Medications: As mentioned before, there are over 200 medications that can cause ED. In some cases, you may be able to speak to your doctor and consider switching to a different medication that does not have erectile dysfunction as a possible side effect. However, in some cases no alternative medication is possible in which another treatment option is needed.

Surgery: If ED is a result of a physical problem, a man can undergo surgery in some cases. Surgery is incredibly expensive, but is an effective treatment most of the time. However, with the risks of surgery and expensive nature, it is often just a last resort of men suffering from ED.

Natural Supplements: Natural supplements have exploded in popularity over the last decade or so. Natural supplements help increase blood flow to the penis and provide the body with various natural herbs, vitamins, and other nutrients needed for harder, longer erections.

There are numerous documented cases of natural supplements successfully curing ED. They are a more affordable and safer option than drugs or surgery, which is another reason that they are growing in popularity each year. Natural supplements make the perfect fit for most men because they are less risky than surgery and drugs but also are more effective than lifestyle changes or switching medications.

Before you consider a treatment option, make sure your doctor knows what your plans are to treat your ED. This is just precautionary and should be done before you make a decision to correct any medical condition.