Female Libido

Treatments for Low Female Libido

Low female libido is the most common sexual problem for women, for which there are many causes. Once the cause for low libido has been found, there are numerous treatment options available, depending on the cause. Here are the most common treatment options available to restore libido for women:

Counseling: Counseling can be sought in the event low libido is occurring due to any emotional or psychological issue. If the issue is emotional, a family counselor or psychologist can be sought to assist with coping with the issue at hand. In the event relationship issues are the problem, your counselor could recommend spending more quality, one-on-one time with your partner to reconnect.

In the event there is a past history of physical or sexual abuse, a special counselor might be called. This is generally recommended to better help a woman dealing with the emotional trauma of her past abuse.

Medical Attention: If there is a physical problem affecting a woman’s libido, medical attention is needed. If you go to your primary care physician, he or she might recommend certain lifestyle changes. A healthy diet and exercise are known natural libido boosters and can naturally help increase your libido.

Hormones: At roughly the age of 40, a woman’s levels of testosterone and estrogen drop dramatically. The lack of estrogen causes vaginal dryness, which can cause uncomfortable intercourse, thus lowering libido. By using hormone therapy with estrogen, this process can be reversed.

Testosterone is also responsible for sex drive in both men and women. Replacing the lost testosterone offers an instant boost in sex drive and can correct hormonal issues as well.

New Medications: Certain medications are responsible for causing low female libido. The two most common medications that are responsible for this drop in libido are antidepressants and anti-seizure medications. A simple trip to the doctor is needed to switch medications.

Natural Supplements: There are a variety of natural supplements on the market that offer an alternative means of treatment for low sexual libido. Many supplements act as an all-in-one supplement by increasing mood, balancing hormones, and stimulating areas of the brain that control sexual desire.

In fact, many women turn to natural supplements because they are generally successful and offer a much cheaper, safer option than other treatment options like hormone injections or new medications.