Female Libido

Symptoms of Low Libido

Low libido is a problem that affects almost every woman at some point in her life. In fact, when woman were quizzed about sexual problems, here is how they responded:

  • Concerns about sexuality (6 out of 10 women)
  • Lack of interest in sex (3 out of 10 women)
  • Sex not always being pleasurable (2 out of 10 women)
  • Pain with intercourse (2 out of 10 women)
  • Difficulty becoming aroused (5 out of 10 women)
  • Difficulty reaching orgasm (5 out of 10 women)
  • Not being able to have an orgasm (2 to 3 out of 10 women)

By definition, in order for a woman to be diagnosed with low libido or a sexual problem in general, the below symptoms must actually be distressing to her relationship and must be troubling to the woman. Otherwise, the below symptoms could be an indication on a non-sexually related condition.

Decrease in desire: The most common symptom of low female libido is a decrease in sexual desire. This includes a decrease in all sexual activity (not just sexual intercourse) or sexual thoughts. A woman with a decrease in sexual desire not only has a low desire to engage in sexual activity but also is reluctant to engage in sexual activity when presented with the opportunity to do so.

Decrease in arousal: Even if a woman is continually performing in sexual activity, if she is unreceptive or reluctant, it is a symptom of low libido. Likewise, if a woman is not able to feel or maintain any sort of sexual excitement, this is a clear cut sign of low female libido.

Inability to reach orgasm: If a woman finds herself unable to orgasm on a regular basis during sexual activity, chances are this is a sign of low female libido. This does not necessarily mean a vaginal orgasm, as not all women have vaginal orgasm.

Pain during intercourse: If a woman experiences pain during intercourse this could indicate numerous sexual problems and could be the body’s response to a low desire for sexual activity.

These four symptoms are the most common symptoms of low female libido and other sexual problems. For the most part, low female libido can be treated and corrected with proper treatment.