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Lyriana is a complete female libido supplement with the proven ingredients to help women suffering from low female libido. Guaranteed Results!

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Increase Libido
Increase Orgasm Frequency
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Mucuna Pruriens
Ginkgo Biloba
Aloe Butter
Wild Yam
Damiana Leaf
Damiana Ginkgo Biloba Cayenne Shea Butter Aloe Vera Gel Ignatia Amara
Red Raspberry Leaf   Coco Butter   Lactuca Virosa
  Licorice Root
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Libido for Her

For women suffering from low libido, there is finally a safe and natural solution to boosting your libido. Lyriana is guaranteed to work.



While a woman can face several sexual issues over the course of a lifetime, the most common sexual problem a woman may face is low libido. Libido is defined as a person’s overall sexual drive or desire for sexual activity.

A woman’s libido naturally fluctuates over years reaching its’ peak when a female is considered to be a young adult. Highs and lows often coincide with major life events, age, pregnancy, or illnesses. These events cause fluctuates, which should be expected. However, a consistent low libido can be a symptom of a more serious problem, which should be addressed.


There are four main causes a woman may have a low female libido. They are:

Emotional Issues: Emotional issues like stress and anxiety are two of the most common emotional causes of low female libido. A history of physical or sexual abuse is also another emotional cause associated with low female libido.

Women experience sexual activity in a more intimate way than men, so relationship problems with a partner, a divorce, or death of a partner can also cause deep depression and thus lead to low female libido.

Physical Issues: The most common physical issue that causes low female libido is pain during intercourse. If sexual activity is not pleasurable for a woman, she simply will not want to engage in sexual activity.

Another common physical issue is surgery. Any surgery related to the breasts or genital area can affect the desire for sex.

Hormonal Changes: Menopause causes estrogen levels to drop, which decreases sexual libido and causes vaginal tissues to dry, which can cause pain. Also, after pregnancy, a woman often experiences a decrease in libido for the first few months often due to fatigue and painful intercourse.

Medications: Medications like antidepressants often have numerous side effects including decreased sexual libido. A call to the doctor can normally solve this issue by switching to a different antidepressant.


Most women will experience a low sexual libido at some point. However, if a woman possesses a few of these symptoms, treatment options should be explored:

  • Lack of interest in sex
  • Difficult reaching orgasm
  • Not being able to have an orgasm
  • Concerns about sexuality
  • Difficulty becoming aroused


Depending on the cause of a woman’s low sexual libido, there are numerous treatment options available.

Counseling: If emotional issues are the cause of low sexual libido, counseling without a partner can help alleviate the emotional issues to increase sexual libido.

Medical Help: If medical problems are the root cause of low sexual libido, addressing the medical issues can alleviate low libido.

Switching Medications: A quick trip to the doctor to receive a new prescription can eliminate low libido by going off medications that cause low libido like antidepressants or heart medications.

Natural Supplements: A cheaper, effective way to control low female libido is by taking a female libido supplement. There are numerous natural female libido supplements that are just as effective as alternative treatments at a lower cost.

Low libido is a problem that affects almost every woman at some point in her life. In fact, when woman were quizzed about sexual problems, here is how they responded:

  • Concerns about sexuality (6 out of 10 women)
  • Lack of interest in sex (3 out of 10 women)
  • Sex not always being pleasurable (2 out of 10 women)
  • Pain with intercourse (2 out of 10 women)
  • Difficulty becoming aroused (5 out of 10 women)
  • Difficulty reaching orgasm (5 out of 10 women)
  • Not being able to have an orgasm (2 to 3 out of 10 women)

By definition, in order for a woman to be diagnosed with low libido or a sexual problem in general, the below symptoms must actually be distressing to her relationship and must be troubling to the woman. Otherwise, the below symptoms could be an indication on a non-sexually related condition.

Decrease in desire: The most common symptom of low female libido is a decrease in sexual desire. This includes a decrease in all sexual activity (not just sexual intercourse) or sexual thoughts. A woman with a decrease in sexual desire not only has a low desire to engage in sexual activity but also is reluctant to engage in sexual activity when presented with the opportunity to do so.

Decrease in arousal: Even if a woman is continually performing in sexual activity, if she is unreceptive or reluctant, it is a symptom of low libido. Likewise, if a woman is not able to feel or maintain any sort of sexual excitement, this is a clear cut sign of low female libido.

Inability to reach orgasm: If a woman finds herself unable to orgasm on a regular basis during sexual activity, chances are this is a sign of low female libido. This does not necessarily mean a vaginal orgasm, as not all women have vaginal orgasm.

Pain during intercourse: If a woman experiences pain during intercourse this could indicate numerous sexual problems and could be the body’s response to a low desire for sexual activity.

These four symptoms are the most common symptoms of low female libido and other sexual problems. For the most part, low female libido can be treated and corrected with proper treatment.

While libido fluctuates throughout a woman’s lifetime, roughly one-fifth of women experience a long-term low female libido. Low female libido is defined as a “persistent or reoccurring lack of sexual desire.” There are many causes of low female libido, all of which can be treated. Below are the most common causes of low libido:

Emotional Issues: Women desire sexual intercourse to be much more intimate than men. Therefore, a relationship problem can dramatically decrease a woman’s desire for sexual activity. Until these problems are addressed, sexual desire will remain low.

Women are also much more self-conscience and subject to emotional stress than men. Having low self-esteem or a poor body image can prevent a woman from thinking she is physically attractive enough to be with a partner. Stress from work or the home life also is more likely to affect a woman’s desire for sexual activity than men.

Finally, statistics show that women are more likely to be sexually or physically abused than men. This past history can cause flashbacks during sexual intercourse or during other sexual activities. If this is the cause of low libido, counseling should be sought to attempt to improve the situation.

Physical Issues: There are numerous physical problems which can cause a low female libido. If a woman experiences pain during sex, she is going to be much less likely to desire sex on a regular basis. Certain medical ailments can cause low libido such as cancer, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, and certain neurological diseases.

Surgery is another common physical problem that causes low female libido. Any surgery near a woman’s genital area can affect body image, sexual function, and desire for sex.

Age & Hormone Changes: As a woman progresses through life, she experiences numerous hormonal changes. Menopause is a common cause of low female libido because estrogen levels drop dramatically. Testosterone levels also drop, which affects sex drive in both men and women.

Also, when a woman is pregnant or breast-feeding, hormone levels fluctuate dramatically. Some days a woman may have an incredibly high sex drive only to have it disappear for weeks. This is a regular occurrence and should not be a cause for concern. Breastfeeding causes the breasts to become very sensitive, which may decrease the desire for sexual activity.

Medications: Certain medications also cause low female libido as a side effect. Common antidepressants and anti-seizure medications are two widely known types of medications to cause low libido. Other medications like blood pressure or cholesterol medications also cause low female libido. In this case, a simple change in prescription can generally help return libido to normal levels.

The good news is that most of these causes of low libido can be treated. In most cases, a simple lifestyle change or emotional counseling can improve libido to help a woman return to a normal libido. In some cases like pregnancy or breast-feeding, the only thing that can be done is to wait it out and allow the woman’s hormone levels to normalize.

Low female libido is the most common sexual problem for women, for which there are many causes. Once the cause for low libido has been found, there are numerous treatment options available, depending on the cause. Here are the most common treatment options available to restore libido for women:

Counseling: Counseling can be sought in the event low libido is occurring due to any emotional or psychological issue. If the issue is emotional, a family counselor or psychologist can be sought to assist with coping with the issue at hand. In the event relationship issues are the problem, your counselor could recommend spending more quality, one-on-one time with your partner to reconnect.

In the event there is a past history of physical or sexual abuse, a special counselor might be called. This is generally recommended to better help a woman dealing with the emotional trauma of her past abuse.

Medical Attention: If there is a physical problem affecting a woman’s libido, medical attention is needed. If you go to your primary care physician, he or she might recommend certain lifestyle changes. A healthy diet and exercise are known natural libido boosters and can naturally help increase your libido.

Hormones: At roughly the age of 40, a woman’s levels of testosterone and estrogen drop dramatically. The lack of estrogen causes vaginal dryness, which can cause uncomfortable intercourse, thus lowering libido. By using hormone therapy with estrogen, this process can be reversed.

Testosterone is also responsible for sex drive in both men and women. Replacing the lost testosterone offers an instant boost in sex drive and can correct hormonal issues as well.

New Medications: Certain medications are responsible for causing low female libido. The two most common medications that are responsible for this drop in libido are antidepressants and anti-seizure medications. A simple trip to the doctor is needed to switch medications.

Natural Supplements: There are a variety of natural supplements on the market that offer an alternative means of treatment for low sexual libido. Many supplements act as an all-in-one supplement by increasing mood, balancing hormones, and stimulating areas of the brain that control sexual desire.

In fact, many women turn to natural supplements because they are generally successful and offer a much cheaper, safer option than other treatment options like hormone injections or new medications.