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Libido for Her

Treatment Benefits

  • Increase Libido

Natural Ingredients

  • Agnus Castus
  • Berberis Vulgaris
  • Damiana
  • Graphites
  • Ignatia Amara
  • Lactuca Virosa


User rating71%

  • Satisfaction Rate
  • Immediate Results
  • Long Term Results
  • Customer Service
  • Returns & Refunds
  • 80%
  • 81%
  • 80%
  • 83%
  • 80%

Libido for Her Overview

Libido for Her is an oral spray that promises to enhance a woman’s sexual libido in a safe, quick manner. Libido for Her utilizes several natural ingredients native to various parts of the world to form a potent, concentrated solution.

Libido for Her claims to treat the underlying cause of low female libido - a chemical imbalance. Libido for her also claims that its’ natural ingredients can prevent vaginal soreness, increase circulation to the vagina, and prevent vagina pain during intercourse.

Benefits of Libido for Her

While the makers of Libido for Her claim the product can provide substantial benefits for more pleasurable sex, they fail to back these claims. The only true benefit to taking Libido for Her is increased female libido.

Customer Ratings

Compared to the most common female libido products, Libido for Her has the worst consumer ratings. Only about 80% of Libido for Her customers claim to be satisfied, which is about 10-13% less than the leading libido products. Only 81% of users see short-term results and 80% of users see long-term results.

Customers have made it clear that they doubt this spray can effectively increase libido. Based on the ingredients label, its’ clear that there are other supplements with proven ingredients as opposed to the claims made by Libido for Her. Plus, many customers claim Libido for Her has a bad taste and leaves a long aftertaste as well.

Also, while some customers do claim that Libido for Her has corrected low libido, few women note an overall better sexual experience. This is likely due to the sole benefit of Libido for Her, which is indeed to increase libido – not to increase overall sexual experience.

Refunds and Guarantee

Even worse than customer ratings is the return policy and guarantee. In fact, there is no guarantee made by Libido for Her. Customer service can be reached by phone or email but the refund policy can be complicated to understand. Likewise, the BBB gives Libido for Her a B, which is well below several other female libido products.

Overall Thoughts

Based on the facts, Libido for Her should only be used as a last resort. Libido for Her addresses one sole issue, which isn’t going to provide women with a better sexual experience. Likewise, a lack of a guarantee and complicated refund policy shouldn’t instill confidence in prospective customers. Stray away from this product and look for better alternatives.