Breast Enhancement

Treatments for Small Breasts

While having small breasts is not considered a medical condition, many women feel insecure if their breasts are not as large as they desire. It is not medically necessary for women to seek breast enlargement treatments, but many women opt for a treatment anyways. Below are the most common ways to enlarge breasts:

Breast Implants: Breast implants use either a saline solution, a silicone gel, or a composite filler to enlarge the breasts. Each filler material is used in a different way to enlarge the breasts. However, all three are methods that can enhance the breasts by up to two cup sizes as most surgeons will not go beyond that for fear or skin damage and scarring.

Breast implants can be incredibly expensive and cost thousands of dollars, which insurance companies will not cover them. Therefore, women undergoing this surgery must pay everything out-of-pocket. In addition to the high cost, breast implants require women to recover for one to two weeks and can cause mild pain from the surgery for a few weeks.

Breast Vacuum Pumps: Another less common method of breast enlargement is through the use of a vacuum pump. These pumps claim to increase breast size by using vacuum pressure to induce tissue expansion in the breasts. They also claim to cause new and permanent breast tissue to grow as well.

There is a lot of speculation on whether pumps actually work. Some women swear by them while others find them to be a waste of time. They are fairly affordable online and can be found in some general stores as well. They are still a treatment option, although there are a lot of unknowns surrounding whether breast vacuum pumps actually work.

Natural Supplements: Natural supplements are a growing option due to the risks and questionable nature of other breast enlargement treatments. Natural supplements are taken orally and contain essential vitamins, minerals, and other natural ingredients to enhance breast size. These supplements work by boosting a woman’s production of estrogen, which is needed for breast size. They also support the growth of breast tissue and balance hormone levels, which can halt breast growth.

Compared to breast vacuum pumps, natural supplements are a lot more reliable. Plus, natural supplements are much more affordable and do not have the risks associated with breast implants. For these reasons, natural supplements are quickly growing in popularity and many women are seeing excellent results within a fairly reasonable amount of time.