Breast Enhancement

Breast Enlargement Overview


For some women, breast size is a sensitive issue that makes them feel self-conscience about their image. While breast size is completely determined by genetics, location and age, some women are still insecure about the size of their breasts and therefore opt for breast enlargement.


There are no real symptoms of small breasts other than having small breasts. There is no definitive line between having small breasts and large breasts; it is entirely dependent on the woman herself.  Women should not feel insecure about their breast size especially because it is out of their control.


There are a few known causes for small breasts, which include the following:

Certain medications: Some medications can interfere with the production of estrogen in females going through puberty. Antidepressants are especially notorious for interfering with estrogen levels and can cause an imbalance in other hormone levels as well.

Poor fat content: Girls who are thin have more trouble increasing their breast size because breasts are composed of fat tissue. If a girl does not have adequate fat tissue while she goes through puberty, there is a chance she will not see much increase in breast size.

Hormonal imbalances: Hormones, along with genetics, ultimately influence breast size regardless of anything else. Estrogen levels are the primary source for breast growth and if these hormones are thrown out of balance, chances are a woman will not see the breast growth she desires.


Surgery: Surgery is the most common treatment option for breast enlargement, although it does have its’ risks. Breast enlargement surgery uses an implant containing silicone gel or saline solution that is inserted either over or under the pectoral muscle. Breast enlargement surgery is very expensive and can cost upwards of $10,000. Insurance companies do not cover the cost of the surgery nor will they cover the time spent recovering either.

Vacuum Pumps: Vacuum Pumps work by using vacuum pressure to stretch the breast tissue. They also claim to help facilitate new breast tissue growth, although women have reported mixed results.

Supplements: Supplements are an intriguing method to enhance breast growth because they promote breast growth naturally. Supplements work by supplying women with essential vitamins, minerals, and other herbal extracts that naturally enhance a woman’s production of estrogen. These ingredients also work to enhance new breast tissue growth and assist in correcting any hormonal imbalances.

Supplements are a growing option because they have shown better results than pumps and are more affordable and safer than surgery. Women looking for breast enhancement should consider a supplement when exploring options for breast enhancement.