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Breast Actives


For some women, breast size is a sensitive issue that makes them feel self-conscience about their image. While breast size is completely determined by genetics, location and age, some women are still insecure about the size of their breasts and therefore opt for breast enlargement.


There are no real symptoms of small breasts other than having small breasts. There is no definitive line between having small breasts and large breasts; it is entirely dependent on the woman herself.  Women should not feel insecure about their breast size especially because it is out of their control.


There are a few known causes for small breasts, which include the following:

Certain medications: Some medications can interfere with the production of estrogen in females going through puberty. Antidepressants are especially notorious for interfering with estrogen levels and can cause an imbalance in other hormone levels as well.

Poor fat content: Girls who are thin have more trouble increasing their breast size because breasts are composed of fat tissue. If a girl does not have adequate fat tissue while she goes through puberty, there is a chance she will not see much increase in breast size.

Hormonal imbalances: Hormones, along with genetics, ultimately influence breast size regardless of anything else. Estrogen levels are the primary source for breast growth and if these hormones are thrown out of balance, chances are a woman will not see the breast growth she desires.


Surgery: Surgery is the most common treatment option for breast enlargement, although it does have its’ risks. Breast enlargement surgery uses an implant containing silicone gel or saline solution that is inserted either over or under the pectoral muscle. Breast enlargement surgery is very expensive and can cost upwards of $10,000. Insurance companies do not cover the cost of the surgery nor will they cover the time spent recovering either.

Vacuum Pumps: Vacuum Pumps work by using vacuum pressure to stretch the breast tissue. They also claim to help facilitate new breast tissue growth, although women have reported mixed results.

Supplements: Supplements are an intriguing method to enhance breast growth because they promote breast growth naturally. Supplements work by supplying women with essential vitamins, minerals, and other herbal extracts that naturally enhance a woman’s production of estrogen. These ingredients also work to enhance new breast tissue growth and assist in correcting any hormonal imbalances.

Supplements are a growing option because they have shown better results than pumps and are more affordable and safer than surgery. Women looking for breast enhancement should consider a supplement when exploring options for breast enhancement.

Unfortunately for some women, they are born with smaller than average breasts. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, some women feel insecure about their breast size. There are no real symptoms of small breasts other than small breasts. Women should not fret however, because breast size varies by age, location, and by genetics.

Stats on Breast Size

As mentioned before, breast size is determined by a variety of factors, one of them being location. Russia and the Northern Scandinavian countries have the highest average cup size. The United States, Columbia, Germany, and Venezuela are close behind. Other parts of Asia and all of Africa have the smallest cup size with an average cup size either being an A or B cup.





Women begin developing breasts as they enter puberty. Women generally celebrate their first step of womanhood. However, some women do not get to experience this joy because they do not see an increase in their breast size. Small breasts can affect women in a negative way emotionally and can make women feel self-conscience about their bodies. However, women should not.

Women’s cup size is entirely dependent on genetics, location, and age. In the end, there is nothing a woman can really do to influence how large her breasts will be – at least naturally. Therefore, women should not worry about their cup size and focus on everything else in their lives.

With that said, if a problem is caught early enough, a girl can eventually see growth in cup size at least to average levels. Below are some causes of a smaller breast size:

Hormonal imbalances: Estrogen is the primary hormone in women that controls the development of her body during puberty. If estrogen levels are abnormal, a woman might not see normal breast growth. If this is the case, hormone therapy can be administered to at least help breasts grow to a normal size.

Poor fat content: Girls who are considered to be “skinny” or below an average weight tend to see less breast growth due to a low fat content. Breasts tissue is primarily composed of fat. If a girl does not have normal fat content during puberty, chances are she will not see normal breast growth.

Certain Medications: Teenagers and young adults taking various medications might see a lack of growth in the breast due to the side effects of these medications. Some medications interfere with estrogen production, which is the primary hormone responsible for the growth of a woman’s body. Sometimes, a simple switch in medication can allow for hormones to regain a balance and allow for development of the breasts.

Genetics: If all else fails, genetics could be the reason a woman does not see breast growth during puberty. Genetics play a role in the development of a woman’s sexual organs in the same way they influence the growth of a man’s body. Sometimes genetics just do not allow for much growth in the breasts.

The good news for women is that there are some things that can be done to increase the size of her breasts. A variety of treatments, supplements, and surgical procedures can influence breast growth and hopefully alleviate any concerns that her breasts are inadequate. However, women should know these treatments are not necessary and are only really completed due to the desire of a woman.

While having small breasts is not considered a medical condition, many women feel insecure if their breasts are not as large as they desire. It is not medically necessary for women to seek breast enlargement treatments, but many women opt for a treatment anyways. Below are the most common ways to enlarge breasts:

Breast Implants: Breast implants use either a saline solution, a silicone gel, or a composite filler to enlarge the breasts. Each filler material is used in a different way to enlarge the breasts. However, all three are methods that can enhance the breasts by up to two cup sizes as most surgeons will not go beyond that for fear or skin damage and scarring.

Breast implants can be incredibly expensive and cost thousands of dollars, which insurance companies will not cover them. Therefore, women undergoing this surgery must pay everything out-of-pocket. In addition to the high cost, breast implants require women to recover for one to two weeks and can cause mild pain from the surgery for a few weeks.

Breast Vacuum Pumps: Another less common method of breast enlargement is through the use of a vacuum pump. These pumps claim to increase breast size by using vacuum pressure to induce tissue expansion in the breasts. They also claim to cause new and permanent breast tissue to grow as well.

There is a lot of speculation on whether pumps actually work. Some women swear by them while others find them to be a waste of time. They are fairly affordable online and can be found in some general stores as well. They are still a treatment option, although there are a lot of unknowns surrounding whether breast vacuum pumps actually work.

Natural Supplements: Natural supplements are a growing option due to the risks and questionable nature of other breast enlargement treatments. Natural supplements are taken orally and contain essential vitamins, minerals, and other natural ingredients to enhance breast size. These supplements work by boosting a woman’s production of estrogen, which is needed for breast size. They also support the growth of breast tissue and balance hormone levels, which can halt breast growth.

Compared to breast vacuum pumps, natural supplements are a lot more reliable. Plus, natural supplements are much more affordable and do not have the risks associated with breast implants. For these reasons, natural supplements are quickly growing in popularity and many women are seeing excellent results within a fairly reasonable amount of time.